All I ever wanted is to tell stories, meet inspiring individuals, share experiences while traveling along the magic lands of this mesmerizing planet, the blue dot that is surrounded by empty space - wondering how to make the best of the short time span we can be utterly glad to enjoy.

This is something many of us share: trying to figure out how to spend our time most wisely, where to go and what to do, what people to meet and what hobby to pick, what books to read, who to travel and see the world with, who to date, who to make presents to, who to have long conversations, dinner and sex with. The older we get the more picky we tend to become (clearly not true for everyone), so itís not getting easier one would think. Well, it certainly IS fun for much longer than we dare to believe, however.

So if you enjoy pondering profoundly about the mysteries of existence, the puzzling beauty of interhuman connections, the vastness of space and simply all the small things - I'm happy to share a thought or two.